Bond, Thomas (2) 1654-1704

Thomas Bond(2) was born December 12, 1654 at Watertown Massachusetts. At the age of twenty-six, he married Sarah Woolsen, of Watertown, on September 30, 1680. The children of Thomas and Sarah were: Thomas (1683-1737), Sarah (1685-?), William (1687-?), Mary (1690-?), John (1695-?), Isaac (1698-?).

saac Bond (1) was born in Watertown, Massachusetts on June 22, 1698. He grew up to be a cordwainer by trade and later moved on to Sherborne, Massachusetts where he met and married Margaret. There children, born at Sherborne and Sudbury, were: Isaac (1727-?), Hannah (1729-?), Lydia (1730-?), Isaac(2) (1733-?), and Job (1735-?).